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Who are we?

MEAL Center (MC) began as an initiative in 2012, and later in 2017, MC was established in Yemen with only 3 core staff; therefore, MC currently is a proud team of over 900 professionals, consultants, and experts having high-end expertise in Yemen, Iraq, South Sudan, Ghana, Lebanon, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Libya, Zimbabwe, Syria, and Tanzania.

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MEAL Center
MEAL Center

MEAL Center provides

  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) consultancies
  • Third-Party Monitoring (TPM)
  • Evaluations
  • Assessments, Research & Studies
  • Mapping/Stakeholder Analysis
  • Capacity Building & Training
  • Projects Scope and Design
  • Data Quality Assessment (DQA)
  • Data Collection
  • Result-Oriented Monitoring (ROM)
  • M&E Technologies Solutions
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How does MEAL Center work?

MEAL Center focus is to enhance the abilities of the organizations that partner with the MC to increase the accountability and transparency of their humanitarian and development programs.
MC also supports its partners to enhance the efficiency of their MEAL staff and management to meet the requirements of the varied donor.


Informative Reports

At MC we ensure producing informative reports, to-the-point and context-sensitive providing actionable and practical recommendations to foster learning and development.


Field Presence

MC has a database of more than 900 field staff (males and females) who could be mobilized based on task-based and ready to conduct wide range surveys in many governorates at the same time (in parallel).


Meet Deadlines

As our clients confirm, deadlines are important to us. Because of our strong-standing project management we always finish on time.


Well-Established Teams

MC has well-trained and established teams to ensure better access and timely implementation to meet deadlines and milestones, with highly-experienced and skilled international and national professionals in multiple sectors who have worked with aid agencies, donors, and NGOs in different countries.


Creative Thinking

At MC, we search for the best-available solution and customize it to respond to our clients’ challenges. We encourage innovative approaches and risk-taking and aim to influence wider thinking and practice.


Advanced Technology

We believe that new technologies are powerful enough to ensure having high-quality and accurate outputs. We use innovative digital data collection and analyzing technologies to ensure monitoring and control of the real-time data flow and ensure data quality is maintained through specific procedures and verification processes. We provide clients with dynamic dashboards to keep following the process of their activities smoothly


Quality Management

We are very careful about the process of quality assurance in our projects, because this will be reflected on the output and client’s satisfaction, we prepare goal-based workplans with considering time and implementation, we hire the right-skilled teams to fit on the assignments, we ensure conducting several quality assurances protocols in project to ensure the quality of outputs.


Long-Solid Experience

We are very proud of our team who has a long experience in applying M&E approaches in various situations and work environments which enables us to understand all the types of interventions conducted by clients in Yemen. This also allow MC team to work and provide services with the best insight and recommendations for clients.


Quick Response

WeWe understand that the time of clients is so important and must be used in a good productive way, that is why we always keep our communications with them quick and prompt.

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